How to create a wall with climbing plants?

Learn how to make a wall of climbing plants in “How to create a wall with climbing plants?” with Alejandra Roldán.

Green walls are a vertical green area that we can make in our homes. There are many installation processes, but one of the most feasible and accessible is the wall with vines.

The vines are plant species of herbaceous stratum, climbers, that are characterized by having thin or thick stems but that have the ability to grow adapting to the natural and artificial elements that are around them.

The vines on the walls, as well as in other construction elements, such as pergolas, provide aesthetic and ornamental benefits, generate microclimates on the site, clean the air, attract birds, and sometimes grant privacy to certain sites.

Fence with plants.
Photography: Istiaque Hossain

It is essential to take into account the orientation and the amount of sun that is required to hit the wall, since the climbing species to be selected depend on this, whether they should be resistant to sun, humidity or rain.

In order for it to grow in order and with the support of a structure, in the case of walls, meshes will be required, which can be garden mesh or grid panels, although a panel can also be made with wooden elements or thin tree trunks.

On this occasion we will make the wall with a wooden structure and the species that will be cultivated will be Epipremnum aureum (Telephone), which is a species that requires sufficient humidity and good drainage, plenty of light, little direct sun and in terms of soil, plenty of organic matter and any soil, as it adapts easily.

In other words, this specie is also easy to maintain, and grows in temperatures from 15º to 30º C.

Epipremnum aureum
Photography: Mokkie , CC BY-SA 3.0 < >,via Wikimedia Commons

The materials we need are:

  1. Wooden structure
  2. Plant species
  3. Nails
  4. Hammer
  5. Soil
  6. Natural organic fertilizer

Recommendations: Measure your green wall or the area of the wall you want to cover, this, in order to buy the necessary structures and consider your budget. The Epipremnum aureum should be planted in front of the wall after adapting the soil and the soil that will be placed on it.

Midiendo estructura,
Photography: Pexels


  1. Prepare your soil, start giving space to your vine and consider the distance at which you are going to place your plant species (approx. 50 cm).
  2. Prepare the soil mixture.
  3. Distribute organic fertilizer to encourage root growth.
  4. Place the nails with the hammer, to install the wooden structure.
  5. To plant the plant species, place their stems and leaves on the grids as you want them to start growing!

Step 2,
Photography: mikhail – Pexels

How to water it?

The species must be kept humid, its roots have a great capacity for moisture retention, so it can be watered once or twice a week, depending on how wet or dry we observe the soil.

Photography: Pexels

Nutrients and fertilizers

The species grows very fast and adapts very well to the structures to which it is exposed. The fertilizer that was applied at the beginning helps the species grow much faster and depending on how much we want it to grow, we can fertilize every month, every three months, or seasonally, specifically in spring and summer.


Pruning is done specifically to moderate its growth or if we want to direct it in another direction. Remember to cut where the buds are visible.

Photography: Pexels