Secondary vegetation for ecological restoration in México

In a relatively short time, the vegetation in Mexico has undergone extensive anthropic alterations.

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Global energy landscape

Infrastructures are an intrinsically human and cultural phenomenon, which has occurred for thousands of years,

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Mexican architect with a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Harvard University, is a

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Photography: Florian Groehn

The original site was once part of the first railway that opened in Australia in 1855. It was vital to the transport of Australia’s coal, shale,

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LA RECYCLERIE of Paris: an eco-responsible and social urban reconversion

Photography: Marianela Porraz

In the dynamic and popular neighborhood of the Clignancourt gate, north of Paris, an old train station has become a project that promotes ecology and social encounters.

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Railway landscape in Colombia

Photography: Lina María Rosales

Valuation proposal for the industrial heritage from the old railway system.

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Californian red worm

This worm species is dark red or violet-red and striped with antero-posterior and dorso-ventral gradient. Its body is divided into rings or metamerisms, which are visible at naked eye. They are about 8-10 cm long and 3-5 mm in diameter.

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Agave fields in Arandas, Jalisco.

Photography: Salvador Cueva

Being in contact with nature and being able to take pictures of landscapes, makes me enter in a calm mood.

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The role of aquatic plants in water quality

It has been seen that aquatic plants play a transcendent role in the conservation of ecosystems,

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Play landscape be-MINE, Beringen

The team of Carve and Omgeving (design) and Krinkels (contractor) won the international competition to design an adventurous play-scape and landmark on a ‘terril’ in Beringen, Belgium, in January 2015.

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