The Discovery Garden

“Te Kaapuia o Te Waoku – We are all part of nature.

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Living- Lab Greater Blue Mountains, Australia.

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Taichung Exposition World Flora

The agricultural improvement and domestication of a variety of species at different topography and climate diversity is a soft manifestation of the national power momentums in Taiwan.

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The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

A world class play space that’s wild at heart in Sydney’s most historic park.

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My Environment, Learning Scenario

The word “landscape” evokes the paintings made by artists who have materialized on a canvas what they have observed in a valley, a lake, a river, a city, or a village. In other words, what they have observed in a landscape.

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The Australian Garden

In a former sand quarry, an hour drive from Melbourne, Australia, a new botanic garden has been completed, one that allows visitors to follow a metaphorical journey of water through the Australian landscape, from the desert to the coastal fringe.

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The place where people meet

Iztapalapa, in its Nahuatl origin, was the place where water and stone – earth and the chinampas converge, met.

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Citizen garden

Park or garden?

A garden.

A living area where the senses experience a universe of silence and mystery, prompting the question about the poetic meaning of its most sublime components.

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Court Square Press

The Court Square Press building was built in 1900 as a printing press on the edge of Boston’s Fort Point Channel district

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