Global energy landscape

Infrastructures are an intrinsically human and cultural phenomenon, which has occurred for thousands of years,

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The Ravelijn Bridge

Photography: Erik Stekelenburg

The Ravelijn “Op den Zoom” is a fortress-island of the city of Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands

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Designing a Rivergarden

Dikes interior. Photography: ©Superpositions

Near Geneva, the Aire river flows through valleys historically devoted to farming. From late 19th century the river was progressively canalized.

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Landscape Rescue of the South Suburban Area Cuxtal Reserve

Photography: Jesús García Barrón

Cuxtal Reserve is the first protected natural area promoted directly by the goverment of Merida.

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Access Intervention in Roggero Dike’s reserve – Reconquista River

The proposal is developed within the framework of a series of intervention programs, in order to respond to the most significant conflicts

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Recovery of the ridge in Jardines del Pedregal

1945. The architec Luis Barragán bougth, along with José Alberto and Luis Bustamente, a large área of land south of the city,

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How do we erase the division to the city brought about by this natural phenomenon, turning it from a division line into a connecting line, infusing it with a new vitality?

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