Printed Edition 06: Landscape and Senses


In this edition we talk about:

  • Landscape and senses
  • Color in landscape
  • Odores mayabensis, odores mundi
  • Outdoor kitchens
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Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Our senses are the ones that allow us to perceive and know everything around us: the color in the landscape, the melodious song of birds, the texture of the trunks in the trees, the smell of spices, the taste of food… The landscape can be considered a gigantic collection of stimuli for the senses, especially during the day, as it is a season full of changes: the leaves of the trees change color, some of them fall, and the temperature begins its transition from warm summer to cold winter.

Keeping our senses alert allows us to know and enjoy interacting with nature. Therefore, in this issue of Landuum we want to share stories, experiences, sites and species that awaken our senses, hoping that our readers can recreate these senses as the pages go by. Thank you for continuing to join us in this sixth edition.

We read again in winter!


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