Printed Edition 01: Coastal Landscape


In this edition we talk about the following topics:

  • Beach landscape
  • Mario Lazo tells us about landscape architectura
  • Mangrove
  • Your beach garden
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The coast, immesurable space of water, swing of waves dancing on the beach; vegetation and fauna, sun and wind. Magnificent experience that invades our senses and transports us to faraway places in our memory, moments stolen from the routine in which we travel to the sea to meet life again.

In this volume of LANDUUM, the Summer edition, we want to take our readers to travel the coast; we will discover how to transform a landscape respecting its nature, we will dely into its culture and history and current trends inspired by its beauty. At LANDUUM we propose a different way of inhabiting and visiting the coast, adapting the spaces to our human needs without altering the natural conditions of the site, which are the essence of its balance.

We encourage you to approach the coast, and let yourself be impacted by its beauty and complexity, its textures and colors; to enjoy their landscapes and join our initiative to preserve these beautiful landscapes, which we all love.


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