Printed Edition 04: Productive Landscape


In this edition we talk about:

  • Productive landscape
  • The soul of honey
  • Pot farming
  • Mexican coffee plantations
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The seed that sleeps under the ground, waiting to germinate, carries inside it an energy load that will be activated when it finds the right conditions to grow. Similarly, the ideas that originated LANDUUM live in each of the members that we make possible this editorial project. The union of the team in 2016 gave us the strength to consolidate a proposal and transmit our love of landscapes to you, our reader.

A year after we started this work, we celebrate with this edition on the Productive Landscape. We invite you to approach the creative force of nature that inspires us to honor the beauty and richness of the countryside, the products of Mother Earth and to tour the sows recognizing the meanings and natural cycles that order human life.

In 2017 poses great challenges for all Mexicans, at LANDUUM we believe that it is time to unite strengthening the production of our landscapes, celebrating the high quality of mexican product, honoring peasant knowledge and promoting sustainable production.


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