Print Edition 09: Industrial Landscape




Resilience is the ability of an organism or system to deal with adverse situations and not only overcome them, but to use them as opportunities to transform and redefine themselves, thus becoming a better version of what it used to be.

Our landscapes are going through a period of impacts and chronic tensions acquiring alarming fragility. As humanity we are facing the effects of climate change never before seen; sea level rises, hurricanes, floods, fires, increases and extreme temperature decreases. On the other hand, the earth is shaking harder than ever.

How does all this affect the landscape? What is our role as landscape architects? How to transform these negative aspects into opportunities to redesign our way of thinking, building and inhabiting? This edition, Summers 2018 “Landscape and Resilience” addresses these questions and invites us to explore projects and initiatives that are emerging in different parts of the world.

It’s time to get on the boat and together start building resilient landscapes!


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