A day in San Crisanto

Jasson Rodríguez tells us about a day San Crisanto, a magical place located on the Yucatecan coast.

Birds along the way Fotografía: Jasson Rodríguez

San Crisanto is located on the Yucatecan coast, more than an hour from the city of Mérida. It is one of my favorite places because it has an extraordinary connection between a beach and a magical town.

Along the way I could see some birds on the side of the road; When arriving at the port, the essence of the beach, palm trees and the breeze stood out.

Arriving to the eye of freshwater
Photography: Jasson Rodríguez

The main attraction of this small fishing port is passing through a magical canal, where you enter the mangrove by a small boat that takes you to the eye of freshwater. It is a journey that awakens your senses: you listen to the birds, the insects, the movement of water; you see small fish that move in groups from one side to another, you can also see how the light enters between the branches of the mangrove and you can appreciate its spectacular roots; the aroma is salty and fresh.

Group of fish
Photography: Jasson Rodríguez

“San Crisanto is a port with almost virgin beaches that invite you to explore and relax.”

he cocales on the way to San Crisanto Photography: Jasson Rodríguez