The Altépetl that blooms

Reinterpretation of the rain garden


The ofrenda (in spanish) “el Altépetl que florece” takes a journey through the colorful flowers that come along with the tribute of Mexican homes during the Day of the Dead celebrations, mainly with the cempasúchil flower. 

The tour begins with a space inspired by the classic Nahua gardens built in some places in Mexico where water management, through hydraulic structures, allowed them to channel and direct it for productive, recreational and contemplation purposes. Within the offering or tribute, this space is made by a structure and a body of water from which a path of flowers flow, grow and mark the path that the souls of the faithful departed must follow from the Mictlan (the underworld of Aztec mythology), associated with the beginning of the journey. 


The path is accompanied by stone materials that highlight the vibrant colors of the season. At the end of the path we find a sitting area where we can contemplate and inhabit the space in a more intimate and personal way. 

Photography: Nancy Obscura