Meet the winning project of the international garden festival of Allariz: Pensasueños, by Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

The “Pensasueños” project was the winner of the Allariz International Garden Festival, in its 2013 edition, with the slogan “Allariz, the beauty that inspires”.

Pensasueños, is a garden where emotions and life projects are emphasized when contemplating from above the beauty that transmits the territory of Allariz, the cradle of great dreams, legends and illusions that help us grow personally and spreads to everyone who visits it, with its magical spell.

Photography: Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

“Pensasueños, is a garden where emotions and life projects are emphasized.”

Two busts contemplate the natural and cultural wealth that exists in this environment, producing an infinite number of creative thoughts that flourish to become reality and nourish the social life of these Galician lands. Culture, tradition, party, gastronomy and economic development.

Front view.
Photography: Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

Along the walkway, passing under the pansies and at the foot of the mountains, bordered by dense meadows, a cultural representation of the area is observed, with elements of artistic basketry, such as the cabazos, these represent civilization from the town of the village.

This space is an example of what this place is capable of making you feel, dedicated to nature, art and the constant struggle of its people to continue building the future.

Rear view.
Photography: Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

The garden was built on a rectangular plot of approximately 225 m2, the aerial structure was made of stainless steel, earthworks were carried out making small mounds, to simulate the surrounding mountains and also camouflage the structural supports and the drains of the thoughts, in these, vertical gardens intervene, as a sustainable symbol, with green and colored plants, which imitate thoughts “pensasueños”, when we think about them and some remain in ideas and others come to take shape in our lives bursting into flower.

Photography: Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

Plant species adapted to acid conditions of irrigation water and environmental humidity were used, which exist in the location of the Allariz international garden festival, because it is attached to the Arnoia river and due to the typical Galician conditions, such as Carex sp. Ophiopogon, Sutera cordata, Osteospermun eckolins, Pennisetum sp., Ajuga sp. and Festuca glauca, the irrigation that was used was with exudation hoses.

Pensasueños with Manuel Richart.
Photography: Manuel Richart de la Cruz.

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