Lo Sereno, Casa de Playa

The natural sensation of feeling at home

At just the right latitude, where the waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur, half an hour from the Zihuatanejo International Airport you’ll find Lo Sereno Casa de Playa, a boutique hotel that awakens the sensory pleasure of getting reacquainted with the exuberance of the sea and tropical vegetation while enjoying personalized attention, exclusivity and privacy.

The harmonious contemporary aesthetic of thisoasis balances respect for its surroundings’ unique beauty and a one-of-a-kind, intimate essence, which gives guests the feeling of being in their own beach house. The architectural project, led by Jorge González Parcero, used the Mexican sculptural tradition as a reference and made the most of the richness provided by tropical woods and other local materials. The result is a structure with character, comprising 10 suites with terrace, an infinity pool
with an ocean view and a covered terrace with an artisanally crafted pergola.

The interior atmosphere uses furniture specially made in Guadalajara for Lo Sereno and boldly brings together textures and finishes to achieve an avant-garde, artistic look in every space, from the lobby, through the rooms and even the bathrooms, infused with minimalism through glass walls and outdoor rain shower heads. All in all, an atmosphere that fully reflects the concept of barefoot luxury.

Photography: Kate Berry


View towards the sea
Photography: Kate Berry

Cuisine is also an important aspect. Its flagship offerings for gourmet pleasure-seekers are prepared using local products and fresh ingredients. Be it for breakfast, lunch or an intimate dinner, its outdoor restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy its dishes, which can be accompanied by pairing suggestions or the bar’s mixology.

For lovers of stress-free leisure or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, this destination allows you to make the most of your stay with walks on the beach, meditation, and yoga, or even trying out surfing, horseback riding and other beach and water sports. The mastermind behind Lo Sereno is Rafael
Sainz Skewes, a Mexican businessman who visualized this concept 16 years ago when he rode his motorcycle to Troncones and discovered a paradise with golden beaches. Sainz Skewes’s project reflects his ideal beach hotel: an inspi-
ring setting, excellent food, and great company.

Fotografía / Photography: Kate Berry


La visión de Sainz Skewes para Lo Sereno le ha valido el reconocimiento como “original” por parte de la marca exclusiva Design HotelsTM, que respalda a los hoteleros independientes cuyos conceptos se caracterizan por una genuina pasión por la hospitalidad, la autenticidad cultural, el diseño y la arquitectura que estimulan el sentido de maravilla de los huéspedes.

Sainz Skewes’ vision for Lo Sereno has earned him recognition as an “original” by the exclusive Design HotelsTM brand, which

backs up independent hoteliers whose concepts are characterized by a genuine passion for hospitality, cultural authenticity design, and architecture that stimulate guests’ sense of wonder.

“To bring together simplicity, comfort and no-frills elegance in an environment where nature and design stimulate the senses, that’s the mission of the boutique hotel Lo Sereno Casa de Playa, in Troncones, Mexico.”

Photography: Kate Berry