Recycled furniture

Whether a new use or function is given to a piece of furniture, or the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of these products, there is no doubt that recycled furniture is a trend.

Pallets transformed into sofas

The ones made with pallets are the most famous, due to the hardness, strength and versatility of the wood, but there are other objects that are thrown by factories and warehouses, such as wooden boxes for fruit, tires, barrels and coils that can be trans- formed into chairs, tables, banks, etc.

Before throwing a piece of furniture in our home, we must think about whether it cannot be reused, for example, a door can be converted into a table, a headboard or several shelves. We could also give them away or sell, there are currently several apps where you can do it.

Barrel used as a table

Companies and people have used their knowledge to create materials from waste, an example is wood-plastic composites, they are boards made from wood residues and recycled plastic. Products made with this material are resistant, low maintenance, fungus free and can be recycled again.

Furniture series made from recycled newspaper “Paper milk”
by Studio Woojai
Photography: Designmilk

Architects and designers have also joined the task of designing furniture with recycled materials. The Wiggle side chair by Frank Gehry is a clear example of how you can design something aesthetic, durable and comfortable from a common material, corrugated cardboard.

Wiggle side chair, Frank Gehry

The design, creation, and use of recycled objects and materials help us to save money, invite us to use our creativity, reduce the amount of waste and also reduce deforestation, so before we throw something away, we have to think about how we can recycle.

Recycled cardboard furniture
Photography: Unclimatechange