Printed Edition 05: Water and Landscape


In this edition we talk about:

  • Water and landscape
  • Immersed cities
  • Aquatic plants
  • A pond in your garden
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The Greek philosopher Heráclito stated “No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and in which it bathes!. Certainly, water brings changes, both on our planet when it erodes as it erodes creating new paths, and in the spirit of those who, when observing their reflections, find calm. It has been revered since ancient times and human beings have always sought its closeness. It is a vital element of the landscape, whether it is naturally available or redirected by man’s ingenuity.

Having water in the landscape goes beyond fulfilling the aesthetic aspect of a place, implies the existence of a natural heritage that we must preserve with appropriate constructive methods that are able to protect its balance. With the advent of summer, we want to invite readers to immerse themselves in the freshness that this element brings, to the magic of its symbolism and the life it brings to the places we inhabit, understanding that every drop of this precious liquid brings us to Life.


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