Printed Edition 00: Launch


In this edition we talk about:

  • Henequen
  • Home gardening
  • Landscapes
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The launch of a magazine is a great financial and human challenge, however seeing the work achieved, it becomes a great satisfaction. LANDUUM emerges from the platform of the Yucatan Peninsula, thanks to the initiative of six specialists in landscape architecture. This project is a great step in the assessment and dissemination of topics related to landscape discipline and related specialties.

Being “Creator of Places” is the motto that feeds the soul of the Magazine, which guides us to publish content of value that always promotes good practices for habitat and outer space. In this first edition, so special because it is the one of launch, we want to make known in essence what the landscape is, for which we rely on collaborators, who under their different disciplines, bring us closer to its meaning.

We hope that this edition will be an enjoyment for our readers, we dedicate to all people concerned and committed to improving the place where we live, “the land”.


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