Print edition 10: Nature Reserves



Alexander Von Humbolt said before embarking on his first expedition ” I will collect plants and fossils, and make astronomical observations with the best of instruments. However, this is not the main purpose of my trip. I’ll try to figure out how the forces of nature act on animal and plants. In short, I must learn about harmony in nature.”

We live a time where the ambition of the human being and his need to spread, build and consume on virgin territory, threatens the conservation of wildlife and nature. It is necessary to remember and learn about harmony in nature, as Humbolt said more than 200 years ago. We only protect what we love and only love what we understand.

This edition “Natural Reserves” is an approach to the mystery, life and biodiversity that these wonderful places host. We will share with you landscape interventions that value the richness of reservations through novel proposals of communion between architecture, visitor and site. We will travel back in time to remember the exciting journeys of the first explorers in our territory, talk about endangered species, interview a landscape architect who has dedicated much of his career to natural reserve conservation projects, guide you step by step to fumigate your garden naturally and talk about the latest trends in visitable nature reserves.

We hope you enjoy this edition full of magic and beauty!


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