Print Edition 15: Marine Landscape



The sea is an element that, when calm, can give us peace, but that in a matter of seconds, and often without our realization, changes its calm for a storm with large and violent waves that terrify us. Like the sea in its stormy phase, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic makes us experience moments of instability, uncertainty and fear, changing the way we live.

For many, fighting adversity has given us the opportunity to explore our creativity, to learn new things and to value our environment, as well as our own life. In this edition, entitled Marine Landscapes, we want you to know the elements which conform them, their importance, function, evolution and current state.

We will talk about the factors and aspects that must be taken into consideration when designing a landscape project on the coast; the creation of artificial reefs and fish that take care of the health of this ecosystem. We will also make a journey through time of the different representations of the sea in works of art. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our solidarity during these times. Together we will return to calm and safe waters again.


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