Print Edition 13: Didactic Landscapes




Since the digital era arrived, the relationship and interaction of people (particularly children) with nature and the outside world has been degrading, causing harmful effects both on the planet and in our development. How are we going to value, conserve, care and protect nature, if we don’t know it?

The importance of knowing the environment in which we live is vital, so in this edition we will talk about “didactic Landscapes”, botanical gardens, pedagogical farms, medicinal gardens and school orchards, these are some spaces that give us the opportunity to learn about the characteristics and uses of plants, production processes, vegetable farming and the care of our environment.

As parents, educators and media, it is our task to expose the following generations with nature, our first teacher, the one that shows us colors, sizes, textures, sounds, and also helps us develop motor skills and expand our creativity. The benefits of being immersed in a landscape cannot be underestimated!


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