Print Edition 12: The Courtyard



Who has not heard the phrase “the yard of my house”?Dedicating our new edition to this architectural element has reminded us of many emotions, anecdotes and experiences that we have lived since childhood in the courtyard of our grandmother’s house, school, church or in our own home.

Like waking up with the song of birds, leaving them a plate with a little birdseed for them to eat, or simply contemplating them when they visit our garden with the purpose of eating fruits, savoring the nectar of flowers or drinking water from the little puddles that formed with the rain. In most cases, our first approach to nature occurs in this space, where we learn about its textures, colors, sounds, smells, as well as the importance of caring, feeding and respecting the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

The courtyard has been an essential compositional element for all types of buildings throughout the history of civilization. It is also a space of magic and complicity, of intimacy and protection. It’s different architectural styles carry many perspectives that range from the historical to the decorative, going through the social, functional, didactic and even the religious.

We hope you enjoy this edition filled with emotion as much!


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