The Himalayas

To get to the Himalayas from Mexico is a long journey, an extraordinary adventure that you start by traveling by plane, car and finally by a walk of approximately 3 hours.My final destination was Syalna, a rural community in the north of the Himalayas with around 300 inhabitants, a mystical town in India that is highly spiritual, with many traditions and festivals related to religion; it is the cradle of Yoga.

It has been one of the most cultural and transcendental experiences that I have lived, where a cultural exchange was generated, talking with the inhabitants about our traditions, beliefs and religion.

Talking about traditions
Photography: Roberta Elizondo Ibarra

Everyday the inhabitants do a religious ritual called Puja and drink the traditional Masala Chai tea.

We talked about the importance of the cow and why it is a sacred animal; They explained to me that when the gods come down to earth they transport by cow, thus it is considered an insult to kill or eat the animal that transports the gods.

Photography: Roberta Elizondo Ibarra

During the day we went for walks, we toured the mountains and we could observe the fascinating landscapes; in winter the snowy mountains gave us a view that simply left us speechless.

“It is a destination that shows you the other side of India, you experience the culture, traditions and feel the warmth of the communities”.

The Himalayas
Photography: 8013345 – Pixabay

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