Pueblo del sol

Meet a pioneer project that promotes a new reality: Pueblo del sol.

Nestled in the Sierra de Oaxaca and watched over by the tropical forest, this community embodies the dream of a better tomorrow, with actions committed to integrated development and environmental conservation.

Interior ecolodge 
Photography: Alex Krotkov

To contribute to the flourishing of a new mode of coexistence where people live in harmony with the Earth: this is the original impulse that drove Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza to found Pueblo del Sol, an initiative that has crystalized the social, economic and human development of the inhabitants of the Sierra de Oaxaca. Founded in early 2017, Pueblo del Sol grew out of an initial experience Ayarza Sforza had in the Amazon jungle, where he made contact with a simple life in complete harmony with nature. This enriching experience that confronted him with isolation and lack of technology motivated the entrepreneur to lay the foundations for an unprecedented project in México.

Sierra de Oaxaca
Photography: Alex Krotkov

Several years later, he discovered a site in the mountains not far from Puerto Escondido that inspired him to bring this new reality to life, where prosperity, abundance and integration are the pillars on which the residents, above all from the indigenous communities, use their knowledge to draw on the gifts offered by nature, respecting balance and seeking complete conservation of the environment.

In this landscape filled with the greenery of the tropical forest and pure flowing waters, the land is fertile and kind to the flora and fauna that has inhabited it since ancient times and is maintained thanks to the eforts of its original inhabitants.

Photography: Alex Krotkov

The environment has favored sustainable productive projects – pioneers of Pueblo del Sol – such as coffee, vanilla and organic cocoa plantations, in addition to beekeeping. At the same time, the construction of infrastructure and the implementation of training and leisure activities for personal growth have been promoted, since there is an awareness that daily work and effort must be accompanied by education and recreation that provide freedom and openness. After several years of reflection and research of various learning methods, the Montaña de Semillitas was established, a multidisciplinary learning space designed to enhance the creativity, attitudes and skills of children from surrounding communities, through sports, outdoor activities and the arts.

Photography: Alex Krotkov


Coffee grains
Photography: Alex Krotkov

Thanks to this vision, it has been possible to establish a network that benefits both the local residents and those who approach Pueblo del Sol to discover this exemplary model, either to appreciate how it operates on a daily basis or to participate in its pottery, woodworking, natural cosmetics, yoga and meditation workshops. This is an experience that will be reinforced with a volunteer program for the general public that will begin in April 2022. The fruits of the harvests from their gardens, as well as the furniture made in their woodwork and pottery workshops, are currently part of a supply chain for businesses committed to sustainability, including the Casona Sforza boutique hotel, which includes them in its amenities and as ingredients in some dishes on its menu. Pueblo del Sol also makes these products available to individuals at a number of points of sale and under customized orders.

Recently, Pueblo del Sol has begun to implement bioconstruction methods, which use materials from the immediate surroundings to reduce the impact of building new housing for workers. Following the same principles, an ecolodge was constructed to receive travelers interested in discovering conscious tourism in a destination where they can establish an authentic connection with nature, adventure, and people, through a range of activities. Pueblo del Sol seeks integral humanitarian transformation where values such as respect, clarity, joy, prosperity, and abundance are the keystones of a journey that sows the seed of hope.

Space to meditate
Photography: Alex Krotkov