Places to observe the auroras

Some people, when choosing a destination for their next vacation, choose sites that allow them to observe the auroras; A natural phenomenon that occurs when solar particles collide with the magnetic field of our planet. This fact translates into observing during the night, a series of moving lights that go from green-blue to violet-pink colors. It is a show that makes you feel like you are in a place full of magic.

In 1621, the French astronomer Pierre Gassendi, described the phenomenon and named it the polar aurora, since it occurs in the polar areas. In the northern hemisphere it is known as the northern lights and in the southern hemisphere as the southern aurora.

The areas where you can see the lights with greater intensity are located in the towns near the north pole. It is recommended to visit them between the month of September until the month of March, between 10 at night and 2 in the morning.

Some of the places where you can observe this fascinating light show are: Jokulsarlon, Iceland; Fairbanks, Alaska, United States; Padasjoki, Finnish Lapland; Unstad, Lofoten, Norway; Cairngorms National Park, Scotland; Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and Yellowknife, Canada.

If you are a fan of Astronomy, we recommend that you visit some of these places.