Discover Iceland

Experience Iceland through the photographs and experience of photographer Jorge Pinto.

I knew I had reached my destination when I first slipped on the ice. The cold that froze my face, reiterated it to me as well. Why Iceland? A question that I keep getting to this day. The restlessness and curiosity about traveling alone, to an unusual and cold place, led me to choose this great country.

I knew that Iceland would give me the opportunity to portray the best landscapes in the world. Cold, air, water and snow. I’ve never felt what it’s really like to have frozen feet before.

The intense storm and icy breeze that fell, let us see what I had always wanted to see, the famous northern lights. Feeling and seeing how they move, feeling that they are falling towards you, is the best I have ever experienced.

Each time I clicked, my camera portrayed a different landscape. Thus, for two and a half hours, I was able to enjoy one of the greatest wonders that this world has to offer.

Northern lights
Photography: Jorge Pinto

The falls on the ice did not stop. A smell of sulfur decorated the room as a group of people and I toured the Golden Circle. Seeing the altitude at which the evaporated water of a geysir reaches and the intermittent cold, is something that cannot be described in words.

Nor can you describe the feeling of being in front of the Gullfoss Falls, where the snow, the air and the breeze come together to give you the news that you are at -15 °C.

After not seeing the sun for more than a week, I was able to appreciate it in an incredible sunset in the Thingvellir national park. It was impressive to see the sunset reflecting off the lake and the secluded vacation cabins.

Moments like this assured me that my decision was the right one. But these same moments, in which to be standing in the middle of nowhere and where the only thing that can be appreciated is snow and more snow, sometimes all you want to do is run away.

I had the great opportunity to visit a beach with volcanic black sand, where I could feel the intensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Above it painted a cloudy sky and a wind was blowing that almost knocked me to the ground. From there, to jump to the Glacier, literally.

Walking on the ice and seeing the water circulate below you is impressive. Likewise not knowing for sure if the ice would hold your weight when walking on it arose as a doubt at the time along with dozens of others.

Photography: Jorge Pinto

Lacking proper footwear meant of course more falls. Sure, the air storm wasn’t helping either. The winds that lift the snow only leave you the option to run for your life.

But without a doubt, something most surprising was feeling the tranquility in which the communities around the Eyjafjallayökull volcano live, while we had to be aware of the Katla volcano, which could have exploded at any moment.

Why travel alone? Being able to be the only Mexican at a table with people from Finland, England, Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, knowing their languages and cultures, some of them unintelligible, is something that I would not have been able to experience if I had traveled with another person with a green passport.

Without a doubt, the awkward moment comes when you say goodbye to them, that’s also where you come to the conclusion that you will possibly never see them again in your life. It is there where you value the long distances of this world and how incredible human coexistence is.

Now every time they ask me, I answer: Why not Iceland?

Beach with volcanic black sand
Photography: Jorge Pinto