Agave fields in Arandas, Jalisco.

Photography: Salvador Cueva

Being in contact with nature and being able to take pictures of landscapes, makes me enter in a calm mood.I really like to contemplate, breathe and observe new landscapes, land and sea of ​​different colors, mountains, forests, etc. Realizing that there is no building or car that contaminates the environment is an incredible feeling.

In February of this year, I was contacted by Tequila Ocho, a tequila brand located in the municipality of Arandas, Jalisco, to take pictures of the landscapes and the process of making tequila.Fortunately, the brand wanted photos of the agave fields with the sunrise and sunset in the background. See the change of colors that the sky will present over time is a very pleasant feeling of happiness. To portray those moments, you have very little time since colors change quickly.

Photography: Salvador Cueva

Going through Arandas and observing agave fields was fascinating, but I found it more fascinating to get to the fields of Tequila Ocho and see the earth in color red and a little orange, like adobe color in contrast to the maguey teal green (agave tequilana). Going through them to know what to portray, was a little difficult since everything around was very nice. In the end I decided to portray everything.

The agave tequilana fields are very visually attractive because of the way they plant long lines of maguey, this fact make symmetry and minimalism present, which reinforces my tranquility when contemplating them.

Agave tequilana
Photography: Salvador Cueva

The weather in the area was very pleasant, cool at sunrise and it will get warmer as the day went by, although being in the field for a long time, the heat was becoming increasingly noticeable.

The color of the agave tequilana is very interesting, its tones range from green to blue, it varies depending on how the light reaches the plant and the time of day. There is no doubt that its intensity of color combined with the blue of the sky is highly attractive to photograph.Being able to portray them and getting to know the plant, was a great experience. Also, I always say that each trip is an apprenticeship, whatever the destination is.

Photography: Salvador Cueva

Traveling means that you will always come back with more knowledge.