The three forests of the southwest

Lot 5. second prize Bosque Metropolitano, Madrid


The Peripheral forest, very little anthropized, embraces the urban limits of Leganés, Alcorcón and Pozuelo with restored forest landscapes. An autochthonous and self-sufficient landscape linked to the exploitation of stone pine, equestrian routes and traditional transhumance. On the one hand, this allows bringing all the benefits that such an ecosystem produces to the peripheral cities and additionally, it reinforces and formalizes the urban edges, welcoming and connecting the innumerable residual spaces present in the perimeters of the built areas. A territory that has been so far fragmented becomes more accessible, more defined and with higher environmental quality.

Illustration: MMX, CALCO, A.Planchuelo y S.Sánchez

The Urban Forest, aims to consolidate and provide activity in the urban perimeter of Madrid with a landscape of gardens, nurseries and fruit trees. This domesticated landscape acts as a protective filter for the most natural areas and offers connections with local networks of commerce and social activity. In addition, it is an opportunity to make the landscape a means of community management, production and sustenance, incorporating acoustic barriers, collecting water and generating renewable energy.

Riverbank Forest
Illustration: MMX, CALCO, A.Planchuelo y S.Sánchez

The Riverbank forest, strengthens and recovers the important river shore ecosystems of Butarque and Meaques, connecting different sports and cultural destinations. An essential habitat for a multitude of almost disappeared native species that will once again fill our capital with natural life.

Urban Forest
Illustration: MMX, CALCO, A.Planchuelo y S.Sánchez

Plan: MMX, CALCO, A.Planchuelo y S.Sánchez

Arquitectura / Architecture: MMX., CALCO., ÁlvaroPlanchuelo., Susana Sanchez Izquierdo
Paisajismo / Landscape: María Barceló Álvarez, Xoan Pérez Fernández, Manuel Aymerich
Ingeniería de Montes / Forestry Engineering: Mario Lozano Enguita
Ingeniería Agroambiental / Agri-environmental Engineering: Marina Celada Carmona Ingeniería Civil / Civil Engineering: Grahen ingenieros.