Wind chimes

Many of us have heard the music generated by wind chimes: when we walk through a garden, when entering a house or while having breakfast on a terrace. It is believed that the history of this percussion instrument began many centuries ago, captivating different cultures over time with its harmonious sound; It has also been believed that it is an object that helps attract happiness, good luck and drives away bad vibes.

In this edition, we invite you to build a wind chime, hang it on a tree branch and, enjoy the pleasant sound it makes when the wind blows.

  • Several meters of cotton rope
  • Metal ring
  • Recycled copper pipes
  • Scissors
  • Tube cutter


1. Wrap the metal ring with the rope.

2. We will learn to create a knot with the macramé technique; this way we will create the hanging ropes with a decoration pattern.

3. Clean the pipes and fasten them at the ends of each previously created rope.