El Huerto

Get to know the restaurant “El Huerto”, where they grow and raise their own ingredients.

Today, Los Cabos has positioned itself as a gastronomic destination worldwide. In addition to its beaches with turquoise waters, an enviable climate with more than 300 days of sunshine, luxurious hotels and unique activities; locals and visitors can enjoy authentic, traditional and innovative culinary experiences in some of the best restaurants in Mexico.

The concept “Farm-to-Table. Fresh from the garden, straight to your table” has become popular in recent years, as it offers diners a unique experience where they can deeply connect with the entire process of preparing dishes, from obtaining the raw material to interaction with those who produce them. In short, it represents a way to promote regional consumption, what is seasonal and what is organic. El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant, more than a restaurant, is an experience! With a privileged location just 5 minutes from the Cabo San Lucas marina, it offers its visitors incredible landscapes, gardens and an orchard of more than 1.8 hectares. We are currently open for breakfast and dinner service, Tuesday through Sunday.

El Huerto, Farm to the Table Restaurant
Photography: Oswaldo Lieras @oswaldolieras

“This project was born thanks to the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of a local family, seeking to create the first sustainable restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.”

With more than 40 varieties of vegetables planted and more than 10 types of fruit trees, it is a pesticide-free zone, where the different varieties of plants interact to generate their own nutrients and protection. Its construction resembles an old 19th century Baja California hacienda. In its impressive arches and walls you can see wood, stones and adobe bricks made by hand, combining the space with lines and industrial materials. The nature and architecture of the complex will give you a feeling of freedom and exclusivity. So we recommend all our visitors to take time to walk through our gardens, admire the landscape and why not, enjoy your favorite cocktail near one of the bonfires.

Our concept is: Simple, organic and sustainable food. We are a restaurant that grows and raises its own ingredients. This is how our executive chef Emilio Sirera designs a menu month after month inspired by vegetables, herbs and seasonal products, providing freshness and quality in each dish, thus offering a Km 0 experience: from the land to the table.

Aerial view of the orchard
Photography: El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant

Herbs and spices are no longer exclusively used in cooking! Together with flowers and fruits, we incorporate them in the preparation of cocktails and signature drinks. Our bar menu is complemented by craft beers from a regional brewery and a unique Wine List in the destination made up of natural, organic and biodynamic wines from around the world.

Signature drink
Photography: El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant

At el Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant, we are working daily to be the first sustainable restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. In addition to having a recycling program for glass, plastic, and cardboard, as well as rainwater harvesting, water recycling, and making our own compost, we have a solar panel system in operation.

Architecture inspired by 19th century Haciendas
Photography: Courtney Taylor @courtneytaylorphotography

This project will help us reduce our carbon footprint, making the most of the generation of solar energy for the self-consumption of our facilities. Surrounded by impressive landscapes, gardens, orchards and fruit trees, El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant is the ideal location to hold a memorable event in Cabo San Lucas. In addition to having a privileged location, our clients will be able to choose from a wide variety of outdoor locations for cocktails, dinners, weddings and magical celebrations.

El Huerto, Farm to the Table Restaurant
Photography: Courtney Taylor @courtneytaylorphotography