Development strategy for State Museum Arkhangelskoye Estate

WOWHAUS talks about their project Development strategy for State Museum Arkhangelskoye Estate, an 18th and 19th century heritage site.

The Arkhangelskoye Museum Estate is an 18th and 19th century heritage site. Wowhaus studio renovated the entire area, proposing a comprehensive master plan and a plethora of interventions, from renovated park pavilions to new event and recreation spaces integrated into the iconic landscape. The wide range of new functions includes an art storage facility, conservation studios, museum offices, as well as an outdoor auditori- um and several more intimate venues. The much-needed amenities include a visitor center, food and beverage outlets, restrooms and souvenir stores. The new pavilions follow a consistent design code, enhancing rather than cluttering existing landscape solutions.

Photography: Wowhaus


The design code is based on symmetry, transparency, and balance. The clear, rhythmic façades of all new buildings follow a subdued color scheme.

Project isometric
Illustration: Wowhaus



Arkhangelskoye is a listed monument, so it has a number of important restrictions. No new permanent structures are allowed, so the café had to fit into the existing wooden building, with a kitchen and dining room inside and a terrace evoking the ambience of the dacha, complete with wicker furni- ture and pylons of glass cabinets, a fixture of any respectable country dining room. The first milestones were met in 2019 for the Estate’s centennial celebration. The estimated completion time is 2025.

Aerial view
Photography: Wowhaus



Director / Directors: Oleg Shapiro, Dmitry Likin
Director de proyecto / Project director: Lyudmila Frost
Arquitectos / Architects: Igor Yakovlev-Ozmidov, Vladimir Belyakov, Anastasiya Izmakova, Ekaterina Sporykhina, Arina Kaverina, Ivan Korenkov, Anton Sevastyanov, Tatiana Starchenko, Maria Romanova, Al- isa Tsoy, Ani Tumanyan, Darya Mozhaeva, Vasilisa Goncharova External collaborators: Mobility in Chain, Rite Agency, KB 23 Bureau, Anna Kovalevskaya, Museum Engineering Lab, Russian Garden (V.A. Agaltsova Landscape Restoration Workshop)