From December 3rd to 10th, the ChinaLab 2018 workshop will be held in Xixinan, organized by the Italo-Mexican group LWCircus, with the collaboration of Turenscape Academy.

The experiential workshop, based on research in the field, looks for operative sharing methods in collaboration with local communities and their relationship and coexistence with environmentally sensitive areas; investigates shared practices; looks for devices able to give long-term life through sustainable development; works for a RESILIENT and INCLUSIVE rural future for the local community.

Ephemeral Installations will be made, between public art and land art, realized on site by the revisitation and assembling of recycled natural material transported by the changing channels system moods or coming from traditional way of building and hand craft working.

The activity will be set on the rural Xixinan village in its exceptional landscape context and its main topic will be around the shared practice strategies in collaboration with the locals, looking to protect and valorize the village, the channel system and its cultural landscape’s value.

The LWC-ChinaLab018@TA-Xixinan’s program will permit the participants to explore ancient classic Chinese Hui architecture, experience heritage village life that is over 1,000 years old, study traditional water canal system, unearth the mystery of Hui Sculpting and Wood Carving, examine the Grand Old Pavilion ancient architectural mansion and discover the rich history behind Chinese ink painting and ink slabs.

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