Gardening Tools

Whether we are working in the garden of our house, in the school yard, in a small terrarium or in a park of a city, there are endless options when choosing a gardening tool:

different colors, qualities, shapes, materials, designs and sizes.We can classify them according to their use: for pruning we have scissors, brushcutter, pruner, pruning saw and bow saw; for cleaning, we have the broom, leaf blower, rake, shovel, hoe and the fruit picker; for irrigation, the hose, the sprinkler and the watering can; and finally, the last category would be for installation.

Vattenkrasse watering can
Photography: IKEA

The products that should not be missing in our home are the pruner, the shovel, the rake and the watering can. A common trend are the ones that have a simple design, but at the same time are elegant, these are commonly in colors white, black, mint or wood with gold details. Another trend are the ones with bright colors, as well as those that have prints of flowers and polka dots, these of course among other designs, are the ones that children love the most.

Garden pruner

Due to the popularity of small zen gardens, terrariums and potted plant crops, nowadays we can find small gardening tools. Having the basic gardening tools in our house is a first step, this will give us the opportunity to learn about the care of plants and the benefits that this relaxing activity gives to us.

Mini gardening tools
Photography: Claudia Hernández

“Do not forget to wash your tools after using them and of course to dry them before storing!”

Gardening tools