5 must-haves for your terrace

With the arrival of spring and the increase in the temperature, we look for places inside our homes that are cozy and that allow us to make the hot season more bearable.

Terraces, gardens, and patios are those places that are part of the outdoor spaces of our homes, that allow us to be in contact with everything that happens outside the house, such as receiving the rays of the sun or enjoying the wind.

Complejo Santa Carlota
Photography: Oscar Hernández

This is how terraces have become one of the most valued places in many urban areas, because they are the places where we can connect and get closer to nature.

In this time that we are living, we want to encourage you to stay at home and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the outside world through a terrace o balcony.

Remember, even with little space, you can do magic with a few details to transform this place into your own oasis.

Photography: Oscar Hernández


Choose furniture that is functional and has different uses. Bet mainly on those made of materials resistant to extreme conditions, for example, in the region that we live in, we use woods such as zapote, poplar or teak, because they are resistant to sun rays and moisture.

One thing you should always contemplate is the places where you can sit.

Coco Studio
Photography: Mónica González

Planters and plants

Take advantage of the space of your terrace for a small garden. Think vertical, which is a new modality. If it is the first time that you buy a plant, we recommend acquiring cacti, since they do not require much watering and they can resist high temperatures.

Climbing plants such as bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra), are ideal for bringing pergolas to life.

Photography: Mónica González

Comfort and rest

Add shade, cushions, and ventilation if needed. Do not forget that it is your resting area and must have those attachments that will make you feel better. You can also buy a fire pit, to use at night or when it gets cold.

Entertainment ready

There is nothing like making the most of the terraces to pamper yourself and spend some time with your loved ones. Be a good host and contemplate a set of services to entertain, like a trolley bar.

Photography: Héctor Osnaya


Generate environments with different assemblies with appropriate furniture. For this, we delimit spaces with mats, lamps, or sculptures. As for lighting, it is better to bet on a dim, warm light.

Do not forget the summer towels for hot days and blankets for when the temperature drops.

Tribu Tulum
Photography: Oscar Hernández