Playground equipment

The origin of playground equipment is uncertain. However, in the literature of Ancient Greece, we can find that both the swing and the seesaw were included in the rituals that honored the god Dionysus.

Nowadays, playground equipment designers and builders have the task of creating extremely attractive elements, as they compete with digital entertainment. This has generated the design of multiple structures that enhance the motor, sensory and social development in every stage of childhood.

By: Global Motion by Landscape Structures
Photography: Landscape Structures

Traditional playground equipment has been reinvented; new dimensions have been added so that in the one playground component several children can interact simultaneously.

“The Lion”, Odense Zoo
By: Monstrum

Another trend is thematic playgrounds: pirate ships, medieval castles, and nature inspired equipment, such as mountains to climb and tree-like structures.

By: Monstrum

In order to remain in context with today’s modern buildings, playground elements that simulate sculptures are designed, encouraging the development of children’s imagination.

Monstrum is a company of Denmark that creates playgrounds based on histories, founded by Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, the team has now 26 builders, designers, and architects who seek to fascinate and inspire both adults and children.