Cornflower and French marigold

Learn about edible flowers that adorn our food or have healing or medicinal properties with the farmer and agronomist engineer Melissa Carrera Carmona.


Origin: Europe
Scientific name: Centaurea cyanus Sabor
Flavor: Smooth flavor
Use: The petals are used to decorate cookies, cakes, drinks, etc. It was considered a “weed” and today they are in danger of extinction in their natural habitat due to agricultural intensification, thanks to the excessive use of herbicides.

French marigold

Origin: México
Scientific name: Tagetes patula Sabor
Flavor: citrus
Use: In infusions, creams, dehydrated petals, chocolates, etc. My favorite, Mexican endemic. It is widely cultivated for ornamental purposes, as a medicinal and as a complement to poultry food or as a natural dye. Did you know that there are more than 60 species?