Revillagigedo Archipelago, Underwater Landscape

There are places that, after we visit them, end up leaving a very special and magical place in our hearts. And the Revillagigedo Archipelago is one of them.

Arriving at San Benedicto
Photography: Kay Vilchis

The trip itself to get there is an adventure on its own, it consists of a 30-hour boat trip from Cabo San Lucas, and a distance of approximately 400 km. Fortunately, we were in a liveaboard adventure – a trip for divers of all levels where you live in a boat for 8 days, and enjoy from 3 to 4 diving sessions per day, complemented with excellent food, beautiful landscapes, and a very memorable experience with friends or new friends made on the trip.

This archipelago is composed by the Socorro, Clarion and San Benedicto islands, as well as the Roca Partida islet. We arrived in the morning, the boat started approaching San Benedicto – our first stop. From the boat, we could see how a huge and beautiful island was imposing in front of us; on the horizon, and in the distance, we could see its colors and textures. Some of the islands in the archipelago have vegetation, while others are only composed of rock and ashes. Each one of them make us fall in love in different ways.

Whitetip reef shark
Photography: Kay Vilchis

Noon came and our dive briefing started. Our Divemasters explained to us the zone where we would be diving, as well as what we would be able to see during the diving sessions. However, nothing that we had heard before, nor what they said at that moment would compare to being already in the sea, and how amazed our eyes would be.

Every day and each diving session was different, and the species of animals we were able to see would be even more diverse: Up to 200 hammerhead sharks, whitetip reef sharks, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, dolphins, and fishes shoaling… it was an experience that went beyond what we imagined.

Diving in Roca partida
Photography: Kay Vilchis

The days went by, and each day was a new gift for my camera, which is something I will never forget. No wonder this place is a World Heritage Site, and that’s how it should always remain. Eventually, all trips come to an end, but the love that I now have for this beautiful destination, makes me dream and wait for my next return.

Dolphins and divers
Photography: Kay Vilchis

“It really is a festival down there, and your heart and soul rejoice when you experience it”.

Hammerhead sharks
Photography: Kay Vilchis