Edward James “The craziest of all surrealists together” – Salvador Dalí

Since I arrived in Mexico, one of my most dreamed trips was to visit the Edward James Surrealist Garden, located in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, but… why? What is peculiar about this garden? When speaking of surrealism I think it was the most influential movement of the 20th century, it simply makes us think that nothing is impossible, that our imaginative capacity is our greatest tool for creating. Taking this as a basis, you can imagine why I was so interested in this place, although, at that time, I had not made many trips around Mexico.

We left at night, we took he highways from Mexico City to Ciudad Valles, from this point we began to know a little about the Huasteca Potosina, the colors of the water in the Media Luna Lagoon, the Tamul Waterfall, Tamasopo, every place was just beautiful.

Waterfall from the Huichihuayan River
Photography: Bea Salazar

We arrived to Xilitla, it was the moment I was waiting for, to enter the ‘’Edward James Surrealist Garden’’ was without a doubt one of my best experiences. I recommend arriving early, as the place is visited by many people, and the wait to enter the place can be up to an hour, but trust me, it is worth the wait.

The place is so big that it does not seem that it is so full of people, you will be able to walk calmly, and take several photographs without someone interfering. Inside, there is a great variety of plants, you will find unfinished spiral staircases, arches with Gothic influence, giant flora and concrete fauna, as well as geometric figures that will make you feel out of this world.

Bamboo palace
Photography: Bea Salazar

“The beautiful turquoise pools and the waterfalls, were the source of inspiration for Edward James to create this beautiful place”

Remember that any trip is always possible if you set your mind to it, know and enjoy the place you are in, you will be filled with incredible sensations, try not to generate waste, respect its flora, fauna, and the place you are visiting.

The stairway to heaven
Photography: Bea Salazar