Discover the Choco-Story Chocolate Museum Ecopark, an interactive museum that is a sensory experience.

The creation of the Choco Story Chocolate Museum arises from Mr. Eddy Van Belle, Belgian entrepreneur and chocolatier, who dedicated himself to analyzing activities that help sus- tainable economic development in support of the municipalities near Uxmal such as Muna, Santa Elena, Oxkutzcab, with the preservation of natural wealth, cultural traditions and promotion of local artisans. The museum promotes tourism in the south of the state of Yucatan, increasing the interest of na”ional and foreign visitors.

Hot Chocolate
Photography: Choco-Story

Choco Story Uxmal is the first of its kind in Mexico, there is another museum located in Valladolid, and a museum will soon open in Playa del Carmen. It is worth mentioning that there are more around the world, for example: in Bruges, Paris, Prague, etc.

The interactive museum recovers the history of the ancient cocoa, from its origin, distribution and uses around the world, to show its ancient forms of preparation in the Mayan culture, through six showrooms: room 1, the Mayans and cocoa; room 2, discover cocoa; room 3, the traditional Mayan house; room 4, chocolate tasting and traditional Mayan forms of preparation; room 5, traveling story of cocoa: arrival of the chocolate drink in Europe; room 6, history of chocolate from 1800 AD. to the present.

Photography: Choco-Story

Also, you can visit botanical gardens with cacao trees, visit the endemic fauna refuge, visit the meliponary, interact in the children’s play area, attend workshops where you will learn to mold and prepare your own chocolates, and you will be able to live a very special moment when attending the ceremony in honor of the God Chaac.

It is so interesting to know that more than 2500 years ago the Mayans used cacao to prepare food and drinks; even as a currency or object of exchange, it was very important for its trade. Visiting the museum is a sensory experience, promoting awareness of the environment and wildlife, supporting the preservation of the ecological balance, with facilities designed to care for the environment, and instructing visitors on the importance of protecting it.

God Chaac ceremony
Photography: Choco-Story