An escape in la baja

In this article let’s accompany the designer Bernardo Negrete through a colorful adventure in the article “An escape in la Baja”.

I recently returned from a sneak ride to Baja California Sur. I was for the first time in three wonderful places in the Mexican Republic, which, even if they had told me about them, I would never have imagined them. Being there stimulated all my senses at the same time, and that was very enriching. My first stop was in San José del Cabo, which received me in a surprisingly unexpected way,

I felt in a completely magical territory; I had previously been to wonderful desert cities, but this was different, Los Cabos gave me a refreshing and vigorous feeling that other places in the desert had not made me feel until now. The beautiful contrast of the landscape that I was seeing for the first time did not go unnoticed, it was disconcerting, on the one hand, you could see the huge Pacific Ocean and on the other side the desert dunes full of cardones and covered with vegetation, it was an optical effect without precedents.

Playa Balandra, La Paz
Fotografía / Photography: Bernardo Negrete 

I live in Quintana Roo, thus, I am used to the tones of the unique Caribbean Sea that we all love. I had not had the joy of seeing what I could observe in this place, those deep colors of the sea, the diverse vegetation, the stones and the sand in ocher tones, contrasting with the beautiful blue of the sky, it was a festival for my eyes, a totally new color spectrum, the deeper I got into the territory, the more this visual experience became unforgettable.
I stayed in a very quiet hotel that I loved. Something that I noticed was the subtle adaptation of the expression of Mexicanism in a North American way of life, also the slow culture that has been incorporated in the destination and that I consider is ideal for this area that provides so much nutritional diversity.

Hotel Marriot, San José
Fotografía / Photography: Bernardo Negrete

What I most admired in San José was the way in which the architecture is mimicked with the landscape, in such a way that the elements are incorporated in a subtle way, and in the style of these constructions they let the flora and geography be the protagonists of the place. After two days of enjoying the breathtaking views of the Gulf of California, I left for Todos Santos, here I could not help but admire the interpretation of austerity, the delicacy of the tones in the almost monochromatic landscape. I stayed in a hut a few steps from the beach and experienced other sensations thanks to the simplicity of the place, embraced by nature, where wild animals walked by my side. In this secluded space I heard the crunch of dry organic matter, branches and leaves. Being in contact with the golden beaches and the minimalism of the place made me reflect and inspired me to make some changes to my terrace. I wish we could all feel that emotion of peace somewhere in our home.

Hotel Baja Club, La Paz
Fotografía / Photography: Bernardo Negrete 

At the end of the trip I escaped to La Paz, where I explored different natural settings and it was the most amazing experience I could have had. On the way to the island of Espíritu Santo I came across a spectacle of textures and colors that I had never seen altogether, green, gray, black, indigo, turquoise, white, all the variety that I could denote that came from the animals and the territory in which I walked, at the same time they were illuminated by the copper and gold of the solar rays that were reflected on the surfaces, the sky was full with an exquisite range of intense oranges that were changing as the sun went down, it couldn’t have been a better experience than this.

I arrived with a lot of information that I must assimilate. La Baja is a magical place, so rich in nature that it can be overwhelming; It is incredible how in the same territory you can give yourself such a feast of colors. I cannot recommend a better place to fill yourself with inspiration and renew your creativity. If you have the opportunity, visit La baja South, a great adventure awaits you!

Hotel JW Marriot, San José
Fotografía / Photography: Bernardo Negrete