Dr. Amaya Larrucea Garritz

What does landscape architecture represents for you as a specialist?

Landscape Architecture is a noble discipline in every sense of the word. I also believe that landscape architecture becomes a way of life. Every moment we hear more speeches about the importance of sustainability, of the green, resilience, etc., and in many cases these terms are used only as “ornamental words” or as private commercial propaganda.

Landscapers know these issues in depth and far beyond the words, understand that their intention implies a change of mentality and a different way of life that covers all aspects of how we relate to nature.

This awareness leads us to the enormous responsibility to act accordingly, not only with design proposals in open spaces but in our day to day performance.

“Landscape architecture allows us to have direct actions on the space we inhabit and can make the difference for many people.”

President of the Landscape Architects Society of Mexico

“The society was established in 1972 and was born linked to the IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architecture). Among others, it was founded by Luis Barragán Morín, Eliseo Arredondo Gonzalez, Alfonso Muray Kobori, Carlos Bernal Salinas and Mario Schjetnan Garduño, all of them important landscape architects practicing in Mexico.”

What is the Landscape Architects Society of Mexico A.C., which are its goals and which are the main benefits of being a member?

Landscape architecture, even today, is a little-known profession and those who are in it have the responsibility to diffuse it and to continue consolidating it.

This task results almost unsuccessful if it consists only of individual actions, the group, the union is what enhances the possibility of reaching more complex goals and this is the goal of the society, get together, help each other and work for our profession.

The advantages of belonging to the society are precisely to be associated with a group of people who have similar interests, who believe and want to expand, work for landscape, for the profession, obtain from their incorporation a backup, a space for the diffusion of its activities and the recognition for being members of the same.

Gómez House, 240 Risco Street, Jardines del Pedregal, México, DF. 1952, Arquitect
Francisco Artigas

 What do you think are the main challenges that Mexican landscapers, architects and urban planners face today?

The challenges for the profession are the knowledge and expansion of itself in all areas.

There are many projects of regional planning, of urban public spaces, and of protected natural areas, among others, incorporating landscape architecture they could have better innovative and creative solutions, but in many cases, most due to ignorance, don’t do it.

The major challenges for landscapers are of grate magnitude and are related to the deterioration of our landscapes, to ecological balance, to social inequality and to the loss of heritage; issues for wich the landscaper, can provide practical and thoughtful solutions.

By Harari Architects, Guadalupe, N.L. México, 2012.