Terraza Velero

Meet Terraza Velero designed by Huatan, a space that reflects the personality of the sailing family that inhabits it, where nature becomes the protagonist.

For Huatan, creating each space of nature is unique and unrepeatable, because at the time of conception, it reflects the personality of those who live it. Terraza Velero, in its name, carries the essence of the family of sailors that inhabit the space and perfectly exemplifies this principle.

Bronze sculpture of a sailing ship
Photography: Zaickz Moz

Multiple atmospheres accompany the space, both indoors and outdoors, creating different botanical settings where nature is the protagonist and is lived through the senses.

Aromatic orchard
Photography: Zaickz Moz

To make this design even more iconic, we created an orchard tailored for the terrace, where aromatic plants such as oregano, thyme, chives, mint, strawberries, rosemary and mint, offer the incredible experience of harvesting your own fresh food at home.

Detail of the aromatic orchard
Photography: Zaickz Moz