Encuentro Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is a region located in Ensenada, Baja California. It is an extension of rocky mountainous zone that has a Mediterranean ecosystem with slopes dominated by chaparral vegetation in a good state of conservation.

By: Jorge García


The Mediterranean microclimate is appropriate for wine-growing activities, due to its soil conditions, which can vary from sandy to granitic or heavy, water drains quickly and strain’s root  can barely reach to absorb moisture; therefore the resulting fruits express highly concentrated flavors and aromas in wine.

Fotografía: Edgar Lima

In the Valle de Guadalupe red wines like Mision, Tempranillo, Nebbiiolo, Petit Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah are produced; as well as  white wines like Chenin Blanc, Palomino, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, among others.

This is an experimental winemaking area, meaning that more than 30 varietals are harvested each year for the production of wines from the region.

Thus, winemakers have the freedom to venture and discover new aromas and flavors by mixing these wines to create a final product of worldwide high quality.

Views of the mixed-use area
Winery – Hotel lobby – Bar.
Photography: Luis García


The hotel has twenty independent rooms of twenty-five square meters each. One of the main premises was not to interfere directly with the land, because part of the project’s philosophy is to respect nature in every possible way.

The availability of steel led to the design of a clean structure made with this material, which elevates a skeleton of the room to avoid contact with the soil.

The structure was covered with Corten Steel, which over time changes its color, achieving harmony between the environment and the building.

Photography: Luis García

Photography: Luis García

The approach of the room’s design comes from the concept of a “deluxe” camping house, which covers the guest’s basic needs while staying in contact with nature and the environment.

Photography: Edgar Lima


The clay soil plays an important part in the region’s production, along with the different microclimates of the valleys that comprise the wine-growing zone of Baja California; the mineral characteristics of the soils can be perceived in the intense aromas and flavors that are given by the typicity1 of the strains harvested in this earth, as well as a generally high content of alcohol. All this is expressed through the wine offered in the Encuentro Guadalupe’s winery.

Encuentro Guadalupe’s wine cave.
Photography: Edgar Lima

Photography: Luis García

All the outside areas are in direct contact with nature, the project respects the natural environment.

Encuentro Guadalupe is a place with characteristics like few in the world, where the opportunity to appreciate nature and landscape as main characters presents itself through a sober architecture, covering the fundamental needs of the occupant: protection and comfort.

The hotel’s visitors enjoy the unique landscape of Valle de Guadalupe.

Photography: Edgar Lima


The work of graciastudio is based on the technical aspects of building systems that lead to worth living architecture for the users, providing them architectural solutions that are highly efficient and esthetic, while ensuring that detail and neatness are kept at a simple stage.

They incorporate and experiment with a wide variety of materials and structural systems; their design process is based on research materials produced in the project area as well as employing artisans and workers who perform certain types of work, thus supporting the local industry, creating jobs in the study area and lowering costs of materials and labor.

1    The typicity are the typical characteristic that the strange most have at the moment of the tasting.