Each project, in our exercise as architects, represents a different challenge and requires a specific solution, it is an opportunity to propose solutions according to specific problems or unique circumstances. In this case, a house in the Yucatecan coast, involved a series of activities and needs completely different from those that can usually represent a residence within the city.

In the city, a house is used every day; on the beach, the house has other purposes… A sporadic use in holiday times where activities are completely different because they involve a much more focused use linked to social recreation and contact with nature.

Casa 8 is a house that is arranged as an extension of an existing property from the seventies, and its principal purpose, is to be respectful with the essence and existence of this property. In a beach house, you must consider the relationship of the house with the sea.

The sea is a determining element. Its presence is always fundamental within the concept of the house.

Terrace facing the sea
Photography: David Cervera Castro

Another important issue in addition to the visual contact with the sea, is the climate issue determined by the winds. On our coast, the dominant winds come from the northeast (breeze) and from the southeast at night (ground winds), this determines that, if we cause cross vents north-south, we will have the right microclimate at the house.

But if we manage to free the east, we could capture the winds that occur throughout the day. The scheme of Casa 8 aims to generate in all the spaces a view, but also to cause the crossing of winds to create a beach sensation inside the house.

South view
Photography: David Cervera Castro

Thus, the most important space of the house is the terrace, which represents the fusion or intermediate passage between the interior of the house and its exterior, the terrace represents the symbiosis between being inside and outside.

“The more we exteriorize the interior or interiorize the exterior, the better the terrace will work.”

Another important element in the project is the use of lattice. Lattice is an element that our culture in Yucatan has adopted with great success, and that allows us to creep the wind but still remain with some privacy and some control of light towards the outside conditions.

Visual auction
Photography: David Cervera Castro

The inner courtyard allows the crossing of winds and its proper operation for the bedrooms on the back.

The feeling of being on the beach, the contact with the sea, and being able to feel the aroma of salt and the Yucatecan breeze, were the virtues that this house intends to give away, under the pretext of solving the architectural program, that these dear customers commissioned us.

Interior garden
Photography: David Cervera Castro