What is the perspective of nature from Barbie’s eyes?

Barbie has had many professions and has inspired thousands of people to become what they want to be, but what is Barbie’s perspective of nature?

Since the seventies Barbie began to include nature in her home through small planters located on roofs, terraces and facades. Her house, better known as ”Dreamhouse” represented independence and empowerment, being the owner of her own home, transforming it little by little until she turned it into a space without walls, meaning freedom, having the possibility of having all the visuals of a landscape, as well as moving to any space she wanted.

Planter detail
Photography: Karolina Grabowska

It is here where Barbie begins to explore open spaces as well as all existing ecosystems in the world, from a forest, to the jungle and even the beach, that is, she has shown that we can include nature in our lives, in indoor and outdoor spaces, and that there is the possibility of transforming an environment by including nature in it. Barbie begins to explore the world from her camper, this is an important element that reflects the opportunity to enjoy space as well as mobility anywhere.

Enjoying a ride in the Barbie car
Photography: Valentina Lara

In 2021, she began her profession as a gardener, highlighting the importance of maintaining an orchard in our homes and promoting the idea of ​​the multiple environmental benefits that this entails.

Barbie, as a television star, has promoted the dissemination of care for the environment, carrying out activities that contribute to the conservation of the landscape, such as the practice of ecotourism, enjoyment and respect for green areas and animals, the transformation of abandoned spaces into multifunctional gardens and other scientific activities such as the press of plant species.

Barbie enjoying the landscape
Photography: ErikaWittlieb

Environmentalism is a concept that Barbie has taught us, and that at the same time motivates us to have respect for the environment. Nature, from Barbie’s perspective, represents joy and enjoyment, an ornamental element, an evolution in garden design, but also a consideration for all the benefits it gives us and the opportunity to have various professions for its care.