Author: Arq. Ivonne Walls

The Terrace, a Viewpoint towards the Landscape

A terrace is an external area that is open and flat, it is used, either as an integral element of the landscape, as an extension at the top of a building, or at ground level supported by an embankment or a solid base (whether natural or artificial).

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The landscape is the place and its image, is the form taken by geographical facts plus their perceptions, interpretations and cultural representations.

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The Courtyard: An opening to heaven

Potography: Santiago López

The courtyard is a primary space and structuring center of buildings, both public and private, which, since time immemorial and in virtually all cultures, has been used for various purposes,

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Industrial Landscape

The action of man on the territory, as a consequence of the development of productive activities or consumption over time,

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Biodiversity and life

Photography: Salvador Cueva

We are fortunate to live in one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on the planet.

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The Illuminated Landscape

There is an eternal romance between light and color that bathes the landscapes, where the voids

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Between gray and blue: Cities overlooking the sea

“The cities on the seashore  tell the stories of that sea… the rivers narrate old events and the lakes treasure them.

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Mexican Coffee Landscape

How these wonderful grains change the life and landscape of its producers and consumers.

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Social effect of recreational spaces in the cities

Since immemorial times, people established their social activities and exchanges in the streets and squares of their community. 

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