Water Games for Playgrounds

Water games are designed for children to interact and experiment safely with the different ways in which water can emerge.

With the correct design of recreational areas, water is prevented from stagnating, making these games ideal for the development of motor and sensory abilities.

Photography: www.watertoys.com

There is no doubt that the implementation of these types of games helps to lower the temperature of the environment, refresh the children and people who play in that area, improve the public space, promote family coexistence as well as the socialization of the community.

“Dancing Fountains” are the simplest jet system, but one of the most used, due to the different options in which water can be propelled, music and lighting can be synchronized as well, creating a singular spectacle.

One trend is to create a setting that tells a story in order to amaze the imagination of users.

Water tunnels are one of the most striking games, either the simply structured ones or those that pretend to be dragons, snakes, worms or other interesting animal.