Cooking in a terrace or in an outdoor space is an experience that can certainly stimulate the senses: the smell, when perceiving the aroma of the foods being grilled; the touch, when feeling the changes of temperature according to the proximity with the rotisserie; the hearing, when listening to the crackling of coals or wood; the sight, when observing the hypnotic effect of the flames; and of course, the taste, when trying the food with that peculiar smoky flavor.

An outdoor kitchen represents a challenge for many since it involves constant maintenance, as there are few materials that will resist the weather conditions of the outdoors.

Mireles-Ancona’s house.
By: Arq. Aldo Munguía Mireles.
Photography: Lumi Lara.

The grill, whether portable or built on site, is definitely the protagonist of an outdoor kitchen.


The materials recommended for the exterior of kitchen doors and drawers are glass, stainless steel and solid wood like teak.

Photography: Alucuines

Kitchen furniture with an aluminum structure is ideal for the outdoors as it is impermeable, easy to clean, anticorrosive, durable and resistant to high temperatures.

Fotografía: Alucuines

One trend is the combination of finishes, whether the kitchen doors are made of glass or stainless steel and the drawers are made of wood, or vice versa.

The colors most used in glass finishes are: 1.white and black, 2.different shades of gray. As for wood, a natural look in which the veins can be appreciated is recommended, for example: 3.Teak  (Tectona grandis).