Fumigate naturally

The care that plants require is much greater than just  watering them from time to time. One of the most  important things we have to look for is protection against pests.

For that reason, it is necessary to fumigate with the appropriate products, since these will act as protectors against specific pests that must be eliminated.

When choosing, you have to opt for natural products, as they will be more respectful of the plant species while respecting the environment. In some cases the insect, fungus or bacteria is so small that our best tool will be the diagnosis of the damage caused to the plant.

Photography: Maja Dumat

Why natural products?

For the simple reason that synthetic products contain toxic chemicals with which, although we can attack the plague, we could cause side effects in the plant affecting its ecosystem and attacking microorganisms, pollinating insects and others that are important for the environment. When these synthetic products are diluted with rainwater they can affect other ecosystems and continue to affect different life forms.

Araneus diadematus
Photography: https://unsplash.com/photos/JsQbvseVlzs

What pests affect plants?

There are different pests such as bacteria, fungi, insects or viruses. It is important to specify the place where the pest attacks the species, for example, whether it is on the leaf, on the root or on the stem. From this analysis we can determine the natural counterpart that will help us to eliminate the plague.

Plaga en plantas
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Natural products that help to eliminate pests:

  • Garlic is a natural pesticide; acts against bacteria, fungi and insects.
  • Cinnamon is mainly a fungicide.
  • Natural soap (potassium) helps as an insecticide against whiteflies, aphids (greenfly and blackfly), red spiders, woodlice, among others.
  • The horsetail fights fungi and prevents some pests such as the aphids and the red spiders naturally.
  • Sulfur acts against mites and fungi, although it is a natural compound is very powerful and must be applied diluted and carefully.
  • Propolis due to its bacteriostatic, bactericidal and fungicidal properties is a biological fumigant; also because it is anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and healing, it induces the plant to increase its natural defenses.
  • There are many other natural products such as neem oil, natural pyrethrin and citrus seed extract.

The application of these natural products is done with an atomizer, diluting the substance in water, and using it in abundance to cover the foliage, the root or the stem, as the case may be.

Fumigation is recommended in the early hours of the morning or at sundown. Recognizing the importance of caring for plants is essential in order to have a healthy and lively garden.